Council for Culture adjusts its advice to "Yes, if"

The Dutch Council for Culture has amended its advice concerning structural funding for Dutch National Opera & Ballet for the period 2021-2024, changing from a "No, unless" to a "Yes, if".

Following the initial negative advice by the Council for Culture, Dutch National Opera & Ballet lodged an objection. The Council for Culture had stated in its advice that that an appendix, with a breakdown of the budget and performance data by opera and ballet, was missing. Dutch National Opera & Ballet objected that it had, in fact, supplied the document in question. 

The Council for Culture then re-examined the application by Dutch National Opera & Ballet and concluded that it had indeed received the documents containing the budget breakdown and performance data, but had overlooked it.

This removes an important argument in favour of the advice "No, unless", and therefore the advice has been converted to "Yes, if". The Council now advises the Minister of Culture to award structural funding to Dutch National Opera & Ballet, provided that the institution meets additional conditions specified by the Council. Dutch National Opera & Ballet will submit its amended plans before 1 June 2021, as requested.