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aus LICHT is a music theatre project that is already making musical history: an enormous work that has never been shown before, with more than 600 people who have worked on it for over four years. You can contribute too!

This immense music theatre spectacle will have its premiere in the Gashouder in Amsterdam on 31 May 2019. Karlheinz Stockhausen's aus LICHT is a three day marathon packed with acoustic and electronic music by one of the most visionary and influential composers of the end of the twentieth century. To fund one of the most iconic parts of aus LICHT, the HELIKOPTER STREICHQUARTETT, we need € 30,000. This money will enable us to rehearse the entire composition with all the musicians, technicians, helicopters, recording equipment and cameras.

In the spectacular composition, the HELIKOPTER STREICHQUARTETT, a string quartet plays Stockhausen's music from four flying helicopters. It is an extravaganza for the spectators, but above all a composition in which Stockhausen's progressive artistic ideas and unbounded fascination for the ability to fly come together in an ultimate climax. The HELIKOPTER STREICHQUARTETT is not only spectacular but also an essential part of aus LICHT.

The rehearsal on 7 May is the only moment when this complex composition can be performed in its entirety. Support us via and make sure we achieve lift-off during the music spectacle of the year!