Leading dance magazine Dance Europe has published its Critics’ Choice, the annual list of highlights from the 2017-2018 international dance season. Dutch National Ballet scores highly, with a total of twenty-three honourable mentions – three more than in the previous edition for 2017.

For the third year in a row, Dutch National Ballet was nominated ‘Best Company of the Year’. Principal Anna Ol and former principal Marijn Rademaker were both nominated in the category ‘Best Dancer of the Year’. The jury praised Ana Ol for her role in Hans van Manen’s 5 Tangos and as the “ultimate Aurora” in The Sleeping Beauty, “combining superb technique, musicality and acting ability”. Marijn Rademaker was “totally at one” with Hans van Manen’s Déjà Vu, in “the most breathtakingly charged performance of the year”, in the words of the jury. Director Ted Brandsen once again received two nominations in the category ‘Best Director of the Year’.

In the categories ‘Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer and a Male Dancer’, there were nominations for no fewer than ten dancers from Dutch National Ballet. Principals Maia Makhateli and Sasha Mukhamedov each received two nominations, while other nominations went to principals Igone de Jongh, James Stout, Daniel Camargo, Young Gyu Choi and Marijn Rademaker. Soloist Edo Wijnen, coryphée Pascalle Paerel and corps de ballet dancer Timothy van Poucke also received nominations for their achievements. In the category ‘New name to watch’, there were nominations for Timothy van Poucke and Daniel Silva, and for dancers/choreographers Milena Sidorova and Clotilde Tran-Phat.

The ballets Last Resistance by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, in collaboration with singer Wende, and Tristan + Isolde by associate artist David Dawson received nominations in the category ‘Best Premiere’.

The Critics’ Choice 2018 is compiled by a jury of 14 critics who write for Dance Europe and other international dance publications. Each member of the jury compiles a personal list of nominations for categories including best dancer of the season, dancers who have given an outstanding performance, best company of the season, best director of the season and best new productions of the past dance season.

Photo credit header: Anna Ol in The Sleeping Beauty
Photographer: Marc Haegeman