Houthoff is the first, main sponsor of the trinity: the Dutch National Opera & Ballet theater, the Dutch National Opera and Dutch National Ballet companies. The law firm and National  Opera & Ballet commit themselves for a period of at least three years.

"We are delighted that Houthoff supports us to continue to deliver not only top quality work with Dutch National Opera and Dutch National Ballet, but also behind the scenes in the theater. Together with Houthoff we share the passion for our profession and the desire to offer top quality work and to stimulate innovation." says Els van der Plas, general director of Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

"We have called our collaboration ‘Two worlds, one ambition‘ and after more than two years we can state that this is still true. No matter how different our worlds may seem, the ambitions of DNO&B and Houthoff are the same: wanting to be and continue as the best in their own field. As a result, we work together in a good manner, whether it concerns our joint talent development programs or the various client events that we organize at Dutch National Opera & Ballet. As the main sponsor, we are proud of this unique collaboration and the contribution we can make to the artistic value that Dutch National Opera & Ballet delivers over and over again. ” – Houthoff


Since September 2017, main sponsor ING has supported the Junior Company, the youngest talents of Dutch National Ballet.

The star soloists of the future get the chance to grow to the top through the Dutch National Ballet. ING is committed to supporting talent; this is the common thread for many activities and events that ING organizes in the Netherlands. ING is inspired by talent from organizations that they support or have a warm heart for. The sponsorship of the Junior Company fits in seamlessly with these initiatives.
This collaboration emphasizes the parallels between the business world and the world of the Dutch National Ballet.


Since October 2017, Gymna has entered into a cooperation agreement with the health team of Dutch National Ballet. This makes Gymna the Official Supplier of this unique company for the next five years. With its products, Gymna wants to support physiotherapists worldwide in the treatment of patients. The agreement allows the medical staff of Dutch National Ballet to use the treatment tables, massage lotions, shockwave, shortwave and electrotherapy equipment to optimally support the dancers.

“At Dutch National Ballet we have 89 dancers who dance at the highest level and who work towards this 6 days a week. This sometimes also leads to physical complaints. In addition to the usual accompaniment, we started a program a few years ago to optimally guide the dancers so that they are "Fit to Perform". In addition to our own coaching team, we also work closely with the sports doctors who also supervise the Olympic athletes. Working with good material is not only pleasant for the dancer, but also motivates the coaching team of physiotherapists and masseurs. The Dutch National Ballet is proud that we can work together with Gymna.” - Business Manager of Dutch National Ballet, Toine van der Horst

“Just as the Dutch National Ballet produces top talent, Gymna produces and displays products at an international top level. All our products represent the four Gymna core values; top quality, intelligence, ease of use and professionalism. We focus on physiotherapists who practice their profession with passion, professionalism and greater than average professional knowledge. We are extremely proud that the medical staff of Dutch National Ballet has chosen Gymna and has furnished all treatment rooms with our products.”- CEO of Gymna, Bart de Bresser

Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Jacobs Douwe Egberts has been a partner of Dutch National Opera & Ballet since 2016. The new coffee line from Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Dutch Originals, is served in the theater. Both companies have a rich Dutch tradition in which craftsmanship, passion and bringing people together are central. Dutch Originals is exclusively used for the hospitality industry and fits perfectly with these values. In order to be able to continue to offer visitors a total experience, Dutch National Opera & Ballet will revitalize the theater in the coming years. The collaboration with Jacobs Douwe Egberts fits in seamlessly with this ambition to bring top level hospitality to our audiences at every performance. In addition to this collaboration, Jacobs Douwe Egberts has become a member of the Opera & Ballet Lounge: a series of networking events for clients and employees.


In 2016, the Dutch National Ballet launched its collaboration with Samsung and & samhoud media, creating the first Virtual Reality ballet in the world. Samsung uses their innovation to engage with their target group, with the goal of helping audiences fully engage in the story with the help of Virtual Reality. By using Virtual Reality, as a viewer you get the feeling of being part of the ballet, and the border between dream and reality seems to disappear. Making the VR ballet available online for free makes ballet accessible to everyone. The great international success of this ballet was praised during the American Cinequest Film & VR Festival with the winning award in the Best Live Experience category. In addition, Night Fall was nominated for the Bright VR Awards, in no fewer than three categories and de Volkskrant called Night Fall a key moment in dance history. In addition to the overwhelming PR attention, Samsung was able to introduce a completely new target group to Virtual Reality.
Every collaboration with Dutch National Opera & Ballet is developed in close consultation with our partners. We are happy to make a proposal in consultation with you that matches your objectives.


For further information you can contact Adriana Gonzalez Hulshof of the Funding & Relations department at or Jess den Houdijker at - 06-14611607