Dutch National Opera & Ballet present

Nederlands Dans Theater 1 Sol León & Paul Lightfoot, Hofesh Shechter, Marco Goecke

This show was to been seen in November 2018

Music in the creative process

Duration 2:10

Breaks 2

NDT brings a triple bill of four choreographic masterminds whose choice of music is as important as the stories they tell through their respective dance languages.

Photo credits: Rahi Rezvani



Sol León and Paul Lightfoot - Singulière Odyssée 
The evening starts with Sol León and Paul Lightfoot’s Singulière Odyssée (2017) that the choreographic duo created to 'Exiles' by Max Richter. The world renowned composer created this music especially for this piece. It is symbolic of the choreographers’ awareness of how the predominance of travel, of moving and of living in an everlasting state of flux has carried through the DNA of our times. The piece is set in a train station based on the art deco waiting room of Basel’s Central Station. Dancers come and go as passersby in transit with the exception of one character who lingers in waiting and watches travelers go by and come back, in a moment frozen in time. 

Marco Goecke - Walk the demon
In these often unpredictable marriages of movement and sound, associate choreographer Marco Goecke is known for his eclectic choices of music that always bring forth the most unexpected symbioses of music and movement. For Saisonnier Goecke presents his new creation Walk the demon. Central to Goecke's new work is the conception of dance as art, which also makes a "voice" audible behind the movement, and the desire to reinforce that voice of the piece through further voices. Alongside the musical voices of the orchestral works by Czech composer Pavel Haas and the Finn composer Pehr Hendrik Nordgren, Goecke once again made use of the exceptional voice of Antony and the Johnsons.

Hofesh Shechter - VLADIMIR
We have come to know Israeli choreographer Hofesh Shechter as a creator of powerful pieces that leave a lasting impression. For his new piece VLADIMIR, Shechter composed the musical score himself.
“When you put your heart on the table, be ready to have it crashed. It’s when life breaks in, a stream of pain, passion, sensation...everything for sensation...we want to feel, we want to live, we want to push far into the suffering, the beauty, the vodka, the tv, the dance routines. Fuck poetry, only Vladimir can save us.” - Facebook



However different, the dancers forge the three ballets into a unity with their powerful expression, which surpasses technical virtuosity everywhere. (Den Haag Centraal)


Nederlands Dans Theater impresses with current, passionate VLADIMIR at the season’s opening in The Hague. (de Volkskrant)

Shechter aims high: "When you put your heart on the table, be ready to have it crushed." It does not get that wild, but the piece is rich with hedonism, desire and sensation. (Theaterkrant)

Walk the Demon

It is the miracle of good dance: no matter how familiar, it surprises time and time again. So there is the dance language of Marco Goecke. (NRC)

Goecke is again the expressionist among the choreographers. (Den Haag Centraal)

Goecke conjures up unexpected theatrical tricks from his top hat like no other. (Trouw)

Singulière Odyssée

It was a pleasure to see the piece again, danced exemplary. (Theaterkrant)

Singulière Odyssée' by Sol León and Paul Lightfoot is and will always be a piece that you should have seen. (Trouw)


Het Balletorkest
conducted by Matthew Rowe

Slagwerkgroep Den Haag