Dutch National Opera presents

Before Present Dutch National Opera & Amsterdam Dance Event

This show was to been seen in October 2016

best of both worlds ​​come​ together

Duration 0:45

By Sjamsoedin and Anat Spiegel

Language English

Dutch National Opera and Amsterdam Dance Event are joining forces in an exciting opera project: Before Present. What happens when the present becomes history? A performance that combines the best of both worlds: contemporary opera and electronic dance music. The result is a rousing and compelling show taking place​​ at Noorderlicht, the ADE festival hub located on​ the post-industrial NDSM Shipyard site​.

In short

A man looks back on our time from the distant future. He reveals various fragments of the present in succession, unfolding a picture of our time beyond the issues of the day. 

DJ producer Sjamsoedin (Nobody Beats the Drum) remixes music by composer Anat Spiegel into a short dance opera. The piece is directed by Sjaron Minailo, known for his cutting-edge staging of interdisciplinary operas.

Lucie Chartin (soprano) and Ingeborg Bröcheler (alto), from the Dutch National Opera talent programme, singer/actor Kevin Walton and percussionist Binkbeats bring this world to life.


This short Dance Opera will be performed on 19 and 20 October, at 21.00, prior to two ADE label nights in Noorderlicht. Happy campers, check out the ADE SLEEP / OVER at NDSM-werf!


Team, Cast and Chorus

Sjamsoedin and Anat Spiegel
Based on music by Anat Spiegel
Produced by Sjamsoedin
Stage director 
Sjaron Minailo
Sjaron Minailo and Anat Spiegel
Jappe Groenendijk
Eva van Dieën
Lucie Chartin
Ingeborg Bröcheler
Kevin Walton

image: Randy Cano