Dutch National Ballet presents

New Moves 2015

This show was to been seen in July 2015

Introducing the choreographers of the future!

New creations are the lifeblood of every dance company.  The discovery and encouragement of young choreographic talent – with projects such as New Moves – is one of Dutch National Ballet’s most important missions.

In short

In New Moves, dancers from Dutch National Ballet have the chance not only to explore their talents as choreographers, but to see them develop. They produce their own works, with all that entails, and display their efforts to the public in the big opera studio of National Opera & Ballet.

Continuing search
With New Moves, Dutch National Ballet has an impressive reputation to uphold. There have been yearly workshops almost continuously since the end of the 1970’s.  In the past, these workshops have led to the discovery of such talented dance makers as Jan Linkens, David Dawson, Krzysztof Pastor and Ted Brandsen. Investing in new talent is something ballet director Ted Brandsen finds very important: in the Spring of 2013 he initiated the collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet Academy of the Amsterdam School of the Arts, founded the Junior Company, and, when he became director in 2003, revived interest in New Moves. In past years, many dancers from Dutch National Ballet have chosen to become choreographers.  Juanjo Arqués, Daniele Cardim, Ernst Meisner and Remy Wörtmeyer have all made names for themselves with exciting, virtuosic, witty and moving creations.

Premiere party
This year’s premiere on Friday 3 July is preceded by a special introduction and followed by a backstage afterparty. In the introduction, the dancers talk about their choreography and the collaboration with their colleagues. There is a fantastic DJ line-up at the afterparty, which will be attended by the dancers and choreographers. You can get to know them, ask them questions and – last but not least – dance with them!

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The proceeds from the tickets for New Moves will go to Dutch National Ballet’s talent development programme, in order to continue to encourage young dancers to develop their talents. For the premiere, there are no tickets for just the performance; all tickets include the introduction and afterparty. However, you can buy a ticket for just the afterparty for € 15. Buy your tickets for the afterparty here:

UNSTAGED - the afterparty


Excellent chance
Again this year, there will be new talent presenting exciting new creations.  The choreographers choose their own dancers, for whom New Moves provides an excellent opportunity to gain experience as a soloist or to let another side of themselves and their talents be seen.


The twelve Dutch National Ballet dancers choreographing a work for this edition of New Moves are:

Maria Chugai (Donetsk, former Soviet Union) took the dancers’ course at the Vaganova Academy in St Petersburg. From 2006 to 2009, she was a coryphée with the Mariinsky Ballet, and she joined Dutch National Ballet in 2009. Her piece for New Moves is her first choreographic work.

Daniel Cooke has been a member of Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company since its foundation in 2013. In 2014, he danced the role of Cain in Tony Kushner’s Homebody, performed by ODD Continent and Monic Hendrickx. He choreographed his first work for the ‘Lightness Weeks’ of the Mediamatic Fabriek in 2014.

Chanquito van Hoeve (Amsterdam) trained at the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam. He has taken part in New Moves twice as a dancer. This is his first choreographic work.

Tycho Hupperets (Maastricht) trained as a dancer in Maastricht and at the Ballett-Akademie in Munich, after which he joined Dutch National Ballet as a dancer. He went on to study at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He still guests regularly as a dancer with Dutch National Ballet, alongside working as an artist, actor and dance teacher.

Peter Leung (London) took the dancers’ course at The Royal Ballet School and danced with the Bayerische Staatsballett München and Le Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon. As a choreographer, he has created works for Dutch National Ballet and the Origen Festival Cultural. He is the co-founder of the interdisciplinary art collective House of Makers (along with Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair, among others) and gives dance classes and workshops.

Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair (Tucson, United States) trained at the North Carolina School of Arts and danced with Kansas City Ballet before joining Dutch National Ballet. Besides dancing, he also works as a model and choreographer. He is the co-founder of the interdisciplinary art collective House of Makers (along with Peter Leung, among others). This is the fourth time he has choreographed a work for New Moves.   

Miles Pertl was born in Salt Lake City and grew up in Seattle (United States). He has been with Dutch National Ballet since 2012, before which he danced with Stuttgarter Ballett. He trained as a ballet dancer at the Pacific Northwest Ballet School in Seattle, the International Ballet Theatre School in Kirkland and the John Cranko Schule in Stuttgart. Miles also took part in New Moves in 2014.

Bruno da Rocha Pereira (Rio de Janeiro) trained at the Maria Olenewa State Dance School in Rio de Janeiro and joined the ballet company of the Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro. He has been with Dutch National Ballet since 2006. This is the second work he has choreographed for New Moves. Bruno also took part in the television series Bloed, zweet en blaren.  

Milena Sidorova (Kiev, Ukraine) joined Dutch National Ballet in 2005. She trained at the Ballet Academy in Kiev and at the Royal Ballet School in London. She started choreographing at the age of twenty and has won various awards and scholarships as a dancer and choreographer. She also choreographed a work for New Moves in 2014.

Bastiaan Stoop (Amsterdam) trained as a dancer at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam. He danced for a while with the Bayerisches Staatsballett in Munich, before joining Dutch National Ballet in 2007. He has created two previous works for New Moves.

Wolfgang Tietze (Starnberg, Germany) is making his second work for New Moves. This is the first time he has choreographed a solo. Wolfgang trained as a dancer at the Heinz-Boselstichting in Munich and danced with Staatsballett Berlin. In 2003, he won the Bavarian Cultural Prize for excellence in a performing art.

Nadia Yanowsky (Madrid) comes from a real dancers’ family. Along with her brother and sister, she was trained at the Las Palmas Dance Centre on Gran Canaria by her parents, the directors of the school. She danced with English National Ballet and Staatsballett Berlin, and made her choreographic debut at “Shut up and Dance” in Berlin. This is her second choreographic work.



Pre-performance talks

Before the performance a Q&A will take place with the dancers and choreographers. These talks in English will begin 45 minutes before curtain and are held in the foyer of Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

After the first performance on Friday, July 3 there will be an afterparty in the backstage area of Dutch National Opera & Ballet. A unique event, where dancers and choreographers will attend, with DJ's and short dance performances. Tickets for just the afterparty are EUR 15.