Dutch National Ballet presents

Junior Company

This show was to been seen in February 2015

Ballet classics and modern masters

Duration 1:45

Breaks 1

Following last year’s extremely successful start, Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company is back with a new tour! Get to know the stars of the future in an exciting programme: a journey through dance history from the classics to new works created especially for the Junior Company.

In short

The performance evening begins with excerpts from famous classical ballets like Swan Lake and Napoli, which are followed by works by resident choreographer Hans van Manen (Visions Fugitives) and Embers by artistic co-ordinator Ernst Meisner. Furthermore dancer/choreographer Milena Sidorova presents her work Full Moon. The evening closes with spectacular new works by the young talented Spaniard Juanjo Arques (Blink) and Canadian choreographer Robert Binet (Surfacing).

Meet the Junior Company
Meet the other six young talents in the Junior Company this season.
Meet the Junior Company
We’d love to introduce the first part of the Junior Company 2014/2015! They will start their tour in February 2015 together with the six others.

This varied programme offers the dancers of the Junior Company an excellent opportunity to display their talent. The Junior Company is an ideal springboard for young dancers, bridging the gap between their professional dance training and joining a professional company. The Junior Company comprises twelve top talents aged between 18 and 20 scouted from all over the world. They include no fewer than four young dancers from the Netherlands!



Please visit the website of each theatre to know if and at what time there will be an introdution to the programme.

    Thu 12 Feb Telegraaf *** (Februari 9, 2015)

    ‘A very varied palette (…) The auditorium is filled with the infectious joy of dance. Excellent dancers each and every one...’

    Thu 12 Feb Theaterkrant *** (Februari 7, 2015)

    ‘Exceptionally versatile and exciting (…) A wonderfully physical interplay of lines and a beautiful world of emotions (…) The dancers of the Junior Company interpret it flawlessly’.

    Thu 12 Feb Noordhollands Dagblad (8 februari 2015)

    'Vrolijkheid spat van toneel af [...] De Junior Company alles in huis om het publiek te verrassen met de veelzijdigheid van dans’

    Thu 12 Feb Het Parool (February 10, 2015)

    'Youngsters are fresh and energetic [...] freshness and eagerness to learn’ [...] with its joy of life and wonderful finale. Nicely varied ballet evening – and a perfect showcase for the talent of the Junior Company’.