New works by new music theatre makers

This autumn, Dutch National Opera presents OFFspring, a series of four special productions by new makers and artists who have grown from our own the Opera Forward Festival (OFF). The makers will enter into a dialogue with the major opera titles that Dutch Nationale Opera had originally scheduled for this autumn, but also with various districts of the city of Amsterdam and its residents.

Small steps

OFFSPRING OCTOBER | Experience the world through a child's eyes. Director Tabita Friis Kristensen, composer Frieda Gustavs, scenographer Nina Kay and dramaturge James Whiting were given the following challenge: create a coronaproof performance that takes the opera Innocence and the Amsterdam Zuid district as a starting point.

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OFFSPRING NOVEMBER | A dialogue with Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro. Inspired by the revolutionary roots of the character of Figaro, the artistic team starts from an explosive monologue that did not make the final cut of the Mozart/Da Ponte version of the original Beaumarchais play. 

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What do we have to offer young theatre makers, and vice versa?

- Anthony Heidweiller


OFFSPRING DECEMBER | A dialogue with Verdi's Aida and the Amsterdam Zuidoost district. The creative team investigates what it means to live and work in Amsterdam Zuidoost, using themes from Aida.


TO BE RESCHEDULED | The Death of Mefistofeles is a one-off ritual procession, inside and outside the Dutch National Opera & Ballet building, with around 100 musicians. A processional opera in which performers and audience meet each other in a musical, immersive experience.

About OFFspring

Talent development has been part of the DNA of the Opera Forward Festival since its inception in 2016. Every year, artistic teams of students from various arts curriculums are put together. From composer to lighting designer, and from dramaturge to singer. Together they take their first steps as creators in the world of opera and musical theatre. During OFF they experience what it means to make opera.

But for those who are captivated by the possibilities of the opera, the question what follows so far remains open. To help them take new steps in their creative development, this autumn the Nationale Opera is organising OFFspring for the first time: four unique small-scale productions show us what shape opera and music theatre can take today.

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