FAUST [working title]

an imaginative feast

In FAUST [working title] we take you on a journey to another world. A new generation of music theatre makers from the Netherlands took Goethe’s Faust as their inspiration and sought to find an answer to the strange situation in which we are living right now. Together with numerous composers and artists from all over the world, they created, in a very short time an unusual performance. Not a classical opera, but a poetic, musical reflection on who we are and where we are going.

Watch the performance when it suits you

The online performance is back due to success and available here and via operavision.eu for FREE from 20 November. Director Lisenka Heijboer-Castañon and conductor/composer Manoj Kamps created in collaboration with many others an 'imaginative party' (Trouw*****). We would like to take you on a voyage through Faust [working title].

FREE ▶ From 20 November - 19:00 hrs until 19 February 2021 - 12:00 hrs

One like we have never seen before. Completely unique, captivating, eye- and ear-watching and to a great extent moving. Actually De Lint could not have wished for a better start of her DNO era.

Trouw ★★★★★


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