Talent Development ballet

The Dutch National Ballet and the Dutch National Ballet Academy of the The Amsterdam School of Arts are collaborating on talent development.

Ted Brandsen, the director of The Dutch National Ballet: ‘It’s important that talent development happens at a young age. Our involvement and encouragement can help parents make the choice to send their child to a ballet school. It’s important to note that the Gerrit van der Veen College and Basisschool Olympia in Amsterdam provide schooling, which is tailored to individual needs.’

Jean-Yves Esquerre, artistic director of the Dutch National Ballet Academy: ‘As a top educational institution for classical ballet the Academy wants to create an environment where talented young children are given all opportunity to develop the skills required by the Dutch National Ballet. To achieve this, we are constantly working with our partners the Gerrit van der Veen College and Basisschool Olympia to develop and improve the schooling, training for our students, who will then be able to grow through to professional dancers. ‘The Dutch National Ballet Academy is the only dance school in Holland which is linked to The Dutch National Ballet. The company plays an important role in the schooling. Not only is it involved in the choice of curriculum and the evaluation process, it also offers the students the opportunity to perform in it’s large productions.’

The Junior Company is the most visible form of the collaboration between the two organisations. Want to know more about the Junior Company, the stepping stone to the Dutch National Ballet?

Junior Company