Ode to Hans van Manen

This summer choreographer Hans van Manen turns 85! To celebrate this event we ask everyone in the Netherlands to record this special choreography as an Ode to the master. Send your video before 1 November 2017.

Learn some of the steps, create a video (minimum 10 seconds) and upload it  here:


or visit operaballet.nl/upload


Please make sure to follow these instructions while filming:

  • Film in the highest quality format
  • Film in landscape mode
  • Make sure there is enough light
  • You can use close-ups and wide shots
  • Make sure the camera is steady, if possible use a tripod
  • Any locations is welcome (balletstudio, at home, the beach etc.)


We'll use all the videomaterial to create one film as a gift to Hans van Manen. If you have any questions, please send them to socialmedia@operaballet.nl.