Positioning ballet 2017: a look back

"The Positioning Ballet conference held in Amsterdam over the weekend of February 11 and 12, was a welcome opportunity for a significant number of influential people with a stake in the future of ballet, to come together and open a conversation on where the art form is heading. Hosted by Ted Brandsen, artistic director of Dutch National Ballet, it included around 30 directors of companies, plus choreographers, dancers and writers. (…) Artistic directors with large companies of talented dancers to nurture find they are often operating in survival mode in a complex world, and they clearly welcomed the opportunity to share these problems.” - quote from Dancing Times, april 2017.

All over the world, ballet companies represent the artistic top. They serve a large audience that also views them in this light, regarding the achievements of ballet companies as exemplary. Financially, too, ballet companies belong to the top of the arts sector. All of this involves great responsibility – the responsibility to continue to reflect on our own practices.

The classical ballet idiom still forms a benchmark for the whole dance world – as a source of inspiration or as a point of departure. Ballet technique and ballet repertoire are important reference points for today’s dancers and choreographers.

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