Dutch National Ballet presents

The little big chest Junior Company

This show was to been seen in April 2017

To our regret, we have to cancel the performance at 1 PM on friday

For children aged 4 to 6

Duration 0:50

The little big chest is an ideal introduction to classical and contemporary ballet. Children make the acquaintance of a strange chest in the attic and embark on a magical dance adventure.

In short

A girl is sitting alone in the attic. She’s bored. She has nobody to play with. She leans against a big chest. Suddenly, she hears strange noises. Two fantasy friends jump out of the chest. At first, they find each other strange. Then they become friends and want to play and dance together. They think up a plan. Where can you play? Where can you dance? Where can you be everything you want to be? Together, they make something very big. They make a… You’ll find out what they make in the performance of The little big chest.

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The little big chest is the first children’s production by Dutch National Ballet, choreographed by Ernst Meisner. The production was very successful at its premiere in 2010. The little big chest is danced by two female dancers and one male dancer from the Junior Company.

    Wed 10 Feb

    ‘The little big chest meets all the criteria for “my first real ballet performance”’. - Trouw 

    Wed 10 Feb

    ‘The rhythmical music on xylophone and piano propels the performance from scene to scene and switches seamlessly to famous ballet compositions’. – de Volkskrant