Dutch National Ballet presents

Night Fall The first Virtual Reality ballet in the world

Experience ballet in a totally new way

Dutch National Ballet presents Night Fall, the first Virtual Reality ballet in the world.

Enter a fascinating world where the boundary between dream and reality seems to vanish. Through Virtual Reality, you become totally immersed in the story. Night Fall is inspired by the famous ‘white acts’ from Swan Lake and La Bayadère.

An enchanting experience for ballet-lovers – but also for people who never go to ballet performances.

How does it work?

You can watch the VR film on your smartphone. But for the best experience, we recommend using Samsung Gear VR or a smartphone in combination with a Cardboard. This will allow you to truly enter a different world.

More info

Behind the scenes at Night Fall
Take a look behind the scenes and find out how the world’s first Virtual Reality ballet was created.
Night Fall
NB! First read the instructions above, which explain how to watch this film.

Team and Cast

Concept & choreography 
Peter Leung
Jip Samhoud
Creative director 
Marijn Korver
Robin Rimbaud - Scanner
Pieter van Loenen
3D audiodesign 
Amp.Amsterdam door Bertus Pelser
Assistant to choreographer 
Angela Agresti
Anna Tsygankova
Artur Shesterikov
Corps de ballet 
Nancy Burer
Lisanne Kottenhagen
Priscylla Gallo
Clara Superfine
Melissa Chapski
Emilie Tassinari
Hannah Williams
Belle Beasley


Choreographer Peter Leung created this unique experience for Dutch National Ballet. The choreography is inspired by the famous ‘white acts’ from Swan Lake, La Bayadère and Les Sylphides, which are regarded as the purest form of ballet, with a unique and magical atmosphere.

The music was especially composed for the film by Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) and is performed by violinist Pieter van Loenen.

Dutch National Ballet created Night Fall in co-production with &samhoud media and Chester Music. The film is powered by Samsung.