Dutch National Ballet presents

Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

This show was to been seen in May 2015

Hiphop meets ballet

Duration 1:30

Breaks 1

This production goes on tour in 2015-2016.

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In short

Yes, we can dance
The new production follows earlier collaborations between Dutch National Ballet and other forms of dance.   In 2011, the company made the performance Yes, we can dance, under the artistic direction of Ernst Meisner.  ISH also participated in that production, with a sparkling performance inspired by Hans van Manen’s Symphonieën der Nederlanden.

From strength to strength
Now, both choreographers have found one another again.  They are planning to create a narrative performance together, inspired by the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the second part of the series the Chronicles of Narnia by the Irish writer C.S. Lewis. It’s not the intention to ‘try out each others styles’; the dancers from the Junior Company and the dancers from ISH would like to complement one another’s strengths and together develop a ‘new language’.  It will be a meeting of two worlds.


Trailer van Narnia: de leeuw, de heks en de kleerkast

Team and Cast

Concept & staging 
Ernst Meisner & Marco Gerris
Scanner (Robin Rimbaud)
Aitor Menta
Light design 
Mike den Ottolander
Costume design 
Studio Ruim
Supervision costumes 
Oliver Haller
Joey Buddenberg, Marcel Broeders
Head production 
Romy Hagenaar
Production assistent 
Jóia de Campos Neto
Direction assistent 
Loraine Pengel
Mr. Tumnus 
Thomas van Damme
Thomas Krikken
Martin ten Kortenaar
Nancy Burer
Riho Sakamoto
Dietrich Pott
Mrs. MacReady  
Sarada Sarita Keilman
Maugrim the Wolf  
Gil Gomes Leal
Jadis the white witch 
YuanYuan Zhang
Carl Refos
Marnix Lenselink


Marco Gerris and Ernst Meisner 

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a story about four children who visit a large country house.  While playing hide and seek, they end up in a wardrobe and from there enter into a mysterious forest.  In the enchanted world of Narnia, they are confronted with the battle between the armies of ‘good’, led by Aslan the lion, and the legions of ‘evil’, led by the White Witch. Just as in all fairy tales, power struggles, the triumph of good, sacrifice and salvation all play a large role.  Marco Gerris and Ernst Meisner will undoubtedly give the story their own up-to-date interpretation.


Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) is a British composer and artist. Even a small selection from his work show his diversity: besides his groundbreaking electronic music and soundscapes, he also composed and designed the sound for advertising campaigns for Nike, Chanel and Mercedes Benz - to mention only a few. No less than a thousand dancers performed to his music on Trafalgar Square in 2013, and the grand opening of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam had a soundtrack by Scanner. Scanner collaborated with stars like  Bryan Ferry, Wayne McGregor, Steve McQueen, Laurie Anderson and Hussein Chalayan. His work was heard in the MOMA New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Tate Modern in London. You can listen to a selection of his albums on scanner.bandcamp.com. A sample of the music for Narnia is available on scanner.bandcamp.com/album/narnia


Every performance of National Opera & Ballet is preceded by an introductory talk. Learn more, enjoy more.           

The introduction begins 45 minutes before curtain and is held in the foyer of the second balcony. The introduction is free of charge to everyone attending the performance, and amplification is used to enhance audibility. Several days prior to the premiere, the introduction will be made available digitally as a podcast. Check the performance page of the production in question to see if the podcast has already been made available.

This performance is supported by:

    Thu 30 Jan (★★★★ de Volkskrant over de ISH-productie MonteverdISH, 2011)

    ‘A sizzling journey of discovery set to a cross between the refined seventeenth century baroque of Monteverdi and its scratched remake created from dubstep and hip hop (…) The two camps eat each alive, in the best sense of the word’ (de Volkskrant about ISH-production MonteverdISH, 2011) ‘In the world premiere of Dawn Dances (…) the dancers really came into their own. This piece for eight dancers looks fresh and light, full of energy and hope. Just like the dancers themselves.’’ (Theaterkrant, 2013)