Dutch National Ballet presents

The Little Big Chest

This show was to been seen in October 2014

A Dance performance for children between the ages of 4 and 6

In short

In the Little Big Chest, children between the ages of 4 and 6 discover a magical chest in an attic, and are swept up in an enchanting dance adventure. What happens when a book is so thrilling that the story starts to become a reality?  And what happens when the chest suddenly starts to move?  The Little Big Chest offers an ideal chance to get to know classical and contemporary ballet.

The Little Big Chest is the first children’s production from Dutch National Ballet, in a choreography by Ernst Meisner. This production had its successful premiere in 2010. The performance will be danced by one male and two female dancers from the Junior Company.


Music by Alastair Broadley  


Every performance of National Opera & Ballet is preceded by an introductory talk. Learn more, enjoy more.           

The introduction begins 45 minutes before curtain and is held in the foyer of the second balcony. The introduction is free of charge to everyone attending the performance, and amplification is used to enhance audibility. Several days prior to the premiere, the introduction will be made available digitally as a podcast. Check the performance page of the production in question to see if the podcast has already been made available.

    Thu 30 Jan de Volkskrant, 2010

    De ritmische muziek op xylofoon en piano stuwt de voorstelling van scène naar scène en gaat naadloos over in beroemde balletcomposities.’

    Thu 30 Jan Trouw, 2010

    De kleine grote kist voldoet aan alle eisen van ‘mijn eerste echte ballet- voorstelling’. Met een mooie ballerina op spitzen in de hoofdrol, haar twee dansende vriendjes in kleurige kostuums en een vrolijk verhaal. ‘