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La morte d’Orfeo Stefano Landi (1587-1639)

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19 Sep 12:00

Orfeo - the sequel

By Stefano Landi

Language Italian

Surtitles Dutch and English

With this staging of La morte d’Orfeo, Pierre Audi is returning - in his last production as director of DNO - to the beginnings of his career and to those of the opera genre.

In short

In this opera, the story of Orpheus is continued where Monteverdi left off. The tragi-comic pastorale La morte d’Orfeo by Stefano Landi (1590-1639) is a far less well-known work on the Orpheus theme, but gives a deeper insight into the real meaning of the Orphean myth.

Team, Cast and Chorus

Musical director 
Christophe Rousset
Stage director 
Pierre Audi
Les Talens Lyriques


Les Talens Lyriques o.l.v. Christophe Rousset