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Madrigals Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)

Location: Decoratelier Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Kollenbergweg 1, Amsterdam-Zuidoost

Early master

By Claudio Monteverdi

Language Italian

Surtitles English & Dutch

Only three full-length works from Monteverdi’s opera oeuvre have survived. By combining individual works, further aspects of this early master are explored in Madrigals.

In short

Madrigals is a revival of the production from 2007. Once again, Pierre Audi is directing a cast of young singers, and Christophe Rousset is conducting his orchestra Les Talens Lyriques. The performances will take place in the Scenery Atelier of Dutch National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam-Zuidoost.


Lamento d’Arianna - world premiere 1608, Mantua
Il ballo delle Ingrate - world premiere 1608, Mantua
Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda - world premiere
1624, Venice

From Arianna, only the Lamento has survived, in which the Cretan princess sings of her desire for death, as her lover Theseus has left her. Il ballo delle Ingrate and Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda are both part of Madrigals, Book 8. In these works, too, death is the central theme. In a dance, women who have died show what the living can expect if they resist the arts of Cupid. Il combattimento shows the futility of every war or battle. In a duel, Tancredi kills a supposed enemy, who turns out to be his lover Clorinda.


Musical director 
Christophe Rousset
Stage director 
Pierre Audi
Sets and costumes 
Chloe Obolensky
Patrick Kinmonth
Jean Kalman
Les Talens Lyriques
Ginette Puylaert
Nathanaël Tavernier
Valeria Girardello
Ingrate Insieme 
Nikki Treurniet
Hanna Al Bender
Beatriz de Sousa
Eimi Witmer
Una delle Ingrate 
Nikki Treurniet
Ombre d’Inferno 
Magdalena Pluta
Thomas de Bruijn
Nicolas Maraziotis
Pawel Konik
Magdalena Pluta
Nicolas Maraziotis
Lissa Meyvis
Pawel Konik