Wen Ting Guan


Wen Ting Guan was born in Henan (China). She studied the Beijing Dance Academy in China. Wen Ting has won several major awards, including the first prize in the Moscow International Ballet Competition and the Career outstanding Contribution Award of the Chinees Ministery for Culture. She started dancing with Dutch National Ballet in 2013 as Grand sujet, in 2015 she was promoted to Soloist.


  • With Dutch National Ballet since:  2013
  • Place of birth:  China
  • Career with Dutch National Ballet:  Soloist (2015), Grand sujet (2013)
  • Previously danced with:  The National Ballet of China (Beijing, China)
  • Training:  Beijing Dance Academy (Beijing, China)
  • Awards:  International Ballet Competition (Moscow, Russia), 1st Career Outstanding Contribution Award, China