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Dutch National Ballet presents

Dutch Doubles Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Ernst Meisner, Hans van Manen

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01 Jun 12:00


Following the success of Dutch Doubles in 2014, Dutch National Ballet is now presenting a second edition, which once again includes world premieres. This time, choreographers living in the Netherlands enter into dialogue with four renowned musicians.

In short

Dutch National Ballet aims to regularly present world premieres, and this aim is recognised internationally as well. For instance, The New York Times acclaimed us as one of the five ballet companies to make an important contribution to the future of dance by continually presenting new creations. Delighted by this recognition, in Dutch Doubles we are bringing you world premieres by Hans van Manen, Ernst Meisner and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, created in close collaboration with musicians they admire.




Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and Wende Snijders

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa is half Colombian and half Belgian, but she made her name as a dancer in the Netherlands and started to choreograph while still dancing. In recent years, her international career has really taken off. She has created recent works for New York City Ballet, English National Ballet, Scottish Ballet and Ballet Moscow. For Dutch Doubles 2018, Lopez Ochoa is taking inspiration from one of the best-known and most versatile singer-songwriters in the Netherlands: Wende Snijders.

Ernst Meisner and Remy van Kesteren

Besides being the artistic coordinator of the Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company, Dutchman Ernst Meisner has also developed into a striking choreographer. He has created various successful works for both Dutch National Ballet and the Junior Company. For Dutch Doubles 2018, Meisner is working with one of the greatest international talents on the harp: Remy van Kesteren. In the first Dutch Doubles edition, Van Kesteren joined Hans van Manen in creating the highly acclaimed Dances with Harp. Since then, the harpist has taken a new, more contemporary path. Nowadays, he also composes his own music and has his own band.

Hans van Manen and pianist (to be announced)

Hans van Manen is the only one of the four choreographers of Dutch Doubles 2014 to return for the 2018 edition. At the age of 85, the master choreographer is creating a new ballet, and we are extremely proud to be able to present it. His new work will be set to a collage of piano compositions of Frederic Mompou and Manuel Blasco de Nebra.

Hans van Manen has a marked preference for piano music. For Twilight, his first creation for Dutch National Ballet, in 1973, he chose music for prepared piano by John Cage. The experimental duet, in which ballerina Alexandra Radius danced in high heels, was an instant hit, as were Van Manen’s iconic piano ballets Adagio

Hammerklavier (Beethoven) and Live (Liszt). In the early eighties, Van Manen even made a complete series of piano works: Piano variations I, II, III, IV and V. This was followed by numerous piano ballets, both for Nederlands Dans Theater and Dutch National Ballet.





World premiere - Annabelle Lopez Ochoa


Wende Snijders


World premiere - Ernst Meisner


Remy van Kesteren


World premiere - Hans van Manen


Piano compositions by Frederic Mompou and Manuel Blasco de Nebra


Musical accompaniment

Dutch Ballet Orchestra

Since its inception in 1965, the orchestra has been proud to accompany its partners, Dutch National Ballet and Nederlands Dans Theater. The working method is unique in the Netherlands. Dutch Ballet Orchestra, with Matthew Rowe as principal conductor, consists of a regular core of 45 musicians, supported where necessary by highly qualified guest performers. This gives the orchestra its unique character: flexible, dynamic and high-quality.

Dutch Ballet Orchestra combines music and dance into a magical experience: from classical ballet to modern dance, and from music education to talent development. The orchestra’s mission is to create an optimal synthesis between music and dance, in order to reach dance-lovers and ballet music enthusiasts, as well as children and youngsters.

The orchestra has received several international awards for its educational projects, including the Young Audiences Music Award in 2016 for Creatures, a collaborative project with dance company ISH.



    Tue 14 Feb de Volkskrant about Dutch Doubles (2014)

    ‘They may be almost sixty years apart, but what an intensive and daring relationship there is between choreographer Hans van Manen and harp virtuoso Remy van Kesteren. Their Dances with Harp is an exciting trek by three dance couples through the timbres and sounds of various harp compositions’.