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Dutch National Ballet presents

Juniors go Dutch tour

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Talented youngsters

Duration 1.45-1.55

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Following the great success of former programmes, the Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company is once again presenting a touring programme full of surprises: Juniors Go Dutch

In short

Juniors Go Dutch is an attractive, yet daring programme, which introduces the stars of the future performing work by established and new choreographers.

The programme includes new fewer than three world premieres: works by Wubkje Kuindersma, Peter Leung and Ton Simons.


In 2014, Simons received the ‘Zwaan’ award for most impressive dance production, for his work Romance, which he created with photographer Rineke Dijkstra for Dutch National Ballet’s programme Dutch Doubles. For 8 Preludes, he took inspiration from the work of the Russian composer Sofia Goebaidoelina. The music is light-hearted at the same time as being very serious, and the same applies to the dancing. Each section has a different emotional value and energy. 8 Preludes will be presented until 19 March.

The new ballet by Peter Leung, Persona, is about how we present ourselves to the outside world. Nowadays, we all have ‘personas’ – digital versions of ourselves in which we usually look happy. This can have both an inspiring and a depressing effect on others. Last year, Leung also created Night Fall, the first Virtual Reality ballet in the world.

Mångata, set to Arvo Pärt’s Mozart-Adagio, is a duet by Wubkje Kuindersma about an encounter between two young people by moonlight. The couple share a magical moment. When the moon disappears, it is time to say farewell – but without drama, as the next ‘Mångata’ will bring them together again. For Kuindersma, choreography is like ‘dreaming with her eyes open’. The young Dutch choreographer made her first work in 2010 and has since created several pieces. In 2016, she received the BNG Bank Award for young choreographic talent.

Blink was created especially for the Junior Company in 2015 by Juanjo Arques. Following its enthusiastic reception, the company is dancing it again in Juniors Go Dutch. Blink is about youth and energy, the speed of the technological world and the identity and traces we leave behind everywhere. The music by Max Richter is a sampled remix of the spring movement from Vivaldi’s famous Four Seasons.

Juniors Go Dutch also presents work by the three famous Van’s: Hans van Manen, Toer van Schayk and Rudi van Dantzig.

In Visions Fugitives (1990), a ballet for three men and three women, Van Manen wanted to express the pure essence of dance as quickly, compactly and minimally as possible. He originally created the work for Nederlands Dans Theater. The ballet provides an extra challenge for the young dancers of the Junior Company, as they have to really tell a story through their personality. Visions Fugitives will be presented from 1 May.

Following the successful revival of his Requiem in Dutch Masters (2016) by Dutch National Ballet, Toer van Schayk’s Ephebe will be shown in Juniors Go Dutch. Van Schayk’s starting point for the work was young people who had been together for many years and had then fanned out all over the world. For the ballet, he chose two contrasting pieces of music: Serene by Ton Bruynel and Prelude-Postlude by Georg Böhm.


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    Take a look behind the scenes at the rehearsals of the Junior Company.

    Junior Company


    Founded in 2013, the Junior Company has already more than proved its right to existence, through successful tours of the Netherlands and tours abroad, as well as a great many smaller and larger performances for special occasions. In 2014-2015, the Junior Company also collaborated with dance company ISH on creating Narnia: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe, an extremely successful production that was performed throughout the Netherlands.

    Alongside their own programmes, the young dancers also perform in the corps de ballet of the main company. This season, they will be taking part in Coppelia, La Bayadère and Onegin. The Junior Company is a real breeding ground for talent. For instance, Michaela DePrince, Jessica Xuan, Sho Yamada and Martin ten Kortenaar rapidly moved up from the Junior Company to Dutch National Ballet, where they are now dancing main roles


    Le Corsaire Pas de trois
    Choreography: Marius Petipa
    Music: Adolphe Adam
    Choreography: Peter Leung
    Music: Otium
    Autumn Haze
    Choreography: Rudi van Dantzig
    Music Adagio for Strings, Samuel Barber
    Choreography: Toer van Schayk
    Music: Ton Bruynel – Sèrene, Georg Böhm – Prélude-Postlude
    Choreography: Wubkje Kuindersma
    Music: Arvo Pärt: Mozart-Adagio
    8 Preludes (until May 1)
    Choreography: Ton Simons
    Music: Sofia Gubaidulina: 8 parts of '10 preludes' 'live' and performed on stage by Rares Mihailescu, interspersed with performances of sound recordings
    Visions Fugitives (starting May 1)
    Choreography: Hans van Manen
    Music: Sergej Prokovjev: Visions fugitives, Opus 22
    Trois Gnossiennes (only in the Meervaart)
    Choreografie: Hans van Manen
    Muziek: Eric Satie - Trois Gnossiennes
    Choreography: Juanjo Arques
    Music: Max Richter: Spring, Vivaldi Recomposed - The Four Seasons



      Thu 11 Feb

      ‘Bright young things impress at close quarters.’ - The Art Desk – Junior Company tour 2015

      Thu 11 Feb

      ‘In short, an exceptionally attractive evening for all ages’. - De Telegraaf – Junior Company tour 2015

      Thu 11 Feb

      ‘Fortunately, this talent programme is saved by Wubkje Kuindersma, born in Cameroon, with a subtle mirrored duet about identity and the mystery behind reality’. – de Volkskrant

      Thu 11 Feb

      ‘Blink is a nice mix of contemporary and commercial dance, with ripples, flow and funny walks. The interpretation of a couple in love, the weightless floating in space, the freedom and a knowing wink are all performed flawlessly by the dancers of the Junior Company. They would certainly have won The Ultimate Dance Battle’. - Theaterkrant.nl