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Junior Company 5 years festival

Young talent

The fifth anniversary of the Junior Company will be celebrated with a big international festival in the Stadsschouwburg, in Amsterdam. The whole weekend will revolve around Young Talent. Five junior companies from Europe and the United States, with whom the Junior Company has built up a relationship, will come together for an inspiring encounter at Young Talent.

In short

The Junior Company was founded in 2013, with the aim of bridging the gap between dance training and professional ballet practice. Dancers of the company take part in performances by Dutch National Ballet, besides performing their own productions on tours throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Every year, dancers from the Junior Company move up to Dutch National Ballet and to other leading dance companies. The Junior Company has already more than proved its right to existence, through successful tours of the Netherlands performing at over twenty medium-sized theatres and tours abroad (to Spain, Austria, England and Switzerland), as well as a great many smaller and larger performances for special occasions.


Close of the touring programme

The Junior Company is opening the Young Talent Festival with its touring programme In the Future, the final performance of which will take place in the Stadsschouwburg, in Amsterdam. There will also be performances by all the other participating junior companies: Das Bundesjugendballett (Hamburg), Bayerisches Staatsballett II/Junior Company (Munich), Junior Company der Wiener Staatsballett (Vienna) and the American Ballet Theatre Studio Company (New York). Each of the Junior Companies is, of course, an extension of its main company, so the weekend will include an array of different styles in today’s international ballet world.


Young Talent

The whole weekend revolves around young talent, with pre-performance and after-performance talks, a Narnia workshop and open classes. The weekend closes with a collective performance and a dazzling finale in which all the companies will take part, choreographed by Ernst Meisner.


Ernst Meisner

Following a successful career as a dancer (with The Royal Ballet in London and from 2010 to 2013 with Dutch National Ballet), Meisner became a choreographer and the artistic coordinator of the Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company in 2013. For the Junior Company’s programme Ballet Bubbles (2016), Meisner created No Time Before Time. For Dutch National Ballet, he made Axiom of Choice for the programme Back to Bach, in 2014, and Merge for the programme Transatlantic, last summer.

    Tue 14 Feb Leeuwarder Courant

    ‘They dare to show themselves as vulnerable, while also displaying their unbounded ambition: namely to be one of the best in the world.’