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New Moves 2017

Discover the makers of the future

This season the annual event where dancers of the company get the opportunity to develop their choreographic talents will be like a gala performance, with a party to follow.

In short

Investing in new choreographic talent is a must, thinks Ted Brandsen, artistic director of Dutch National Ballet. So when he took the helm of the company in 2003, he decided to make the choreographic workshop a permanent fixture on the programme, under the title New Moves.

New Moves will close the season in style in the main auditorium of Dutch National Opera & Ballet. The performance will be followed by a swinging afterparty in the foyers of the theatre, where you can meet the choreographers and the dancers.

Behind the scenes - New Moves 2016
Trailer New Moves 2016
  • Creation

    Choreographic workshops
    In the 1970s, Dutch National Ballet was the first Dutch dance company to give its dancers the opportunity to create ballets themselves in choreographic workshops. This produced many talented choreographers, including David Dawson, Jan Linkens, Krzysztof Pastor, John Wisman and the artistic director of Dutch National Ballet, Ted Brandsen himself.

    Ted Bransen knew from his own experience how important the workshops are for up-and-coming choreographers. And New Moves has had some great results. Thanks to New Moves, many dancers and ex-dancers from the company have made their name as a choreographer in recent years. Young choreographers like Juanjo Arques, Daniela Cardim, Monique Duurvoort, Peter Leung, Ernst Meisner and Remi Wörtmeyer have attracted attention for their exciting, virtuoso, humorous and poignant creations.

    Surprising new sides and talents
    Every edition of New Moves gives you the opportunity to discover the choreographers of the future. It is also an ideal opportunity for other members of the company as well; for example, to gain experience in soloist roles. But they can also try their hand at other sides of the profession, such as assisting with set, costume and/or lighting designs, and organising the catering or PR for the production.

    Scaling up
    Whereas previous editions of New Moves have taken place in an intimate studio setting, last season we chose to scale it up. Ted Brandsen wants to give the young makers the opportunity to present their work on the big stage of Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

    Who are the choreographers of New Moves 2017?

    Thomas van Damme
    Bruno Da Rocha Pereira
    Sebastien Galtier
    Chanquito van Hoeve
    Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair
    Cristiano Principato
    Milena Sidorova
    Bastiaan Stoop
    Clotilde Tran-Phat 
    Jozef Varga
    Remi Wortmeyer
    Jared Wright


      Wed 10 Feb

      ‘The exciting choreographic works and the intimate character make New Moves a very special experience’ (Cultuurbewust.nl)

      Wed 10 Feb

      ‘New Moves, the workshop programme of the dancers’ own choreography, always makes interesting viewing’ (Dance Europe)